Cherina Beachwear™ Travel Adventures – Destination Europe

Cherina Beachwear™ Travel Adventures – Destination Europe

Winter can’t bury dreams of the sun, no matter how much it snows! (That’s not a challenge, Jack Frost, just building to something, here. 🙂 <3 <3 <3 #LoveIcicles)

So, to keep you warm and snuggly (while Jack responsibly does his job burying your car), Cherina Beachwear™ would like to transport you to summertime in Europe. Days of sand and sunshine, full of chic swimsuits, sighing waves…and no memories whatsoever of how long it took you to scrape your windshield this morning. Check out these glorious destinations — replete with the best times to schedule your trip and our recommendations for the most luxurious hotel you can find at each location. They’re the perfect places to flaunt the timeless appeal of your Dubai swimwear!

Cannes, France – June-November.
Top hotel: Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic, located right on the Croisette.

Obviously, when one envisions bikinis and beaches, the French Riviera will prominently feature in many daydreams. With an average of nearly 300 days of sunshine every year, the city of Cannes, perhaps best known for its legendary Film Festival, is also home to some of the most stunning shores ever turned into postcards. Trendy and cosmopolitan, Cannes offers top-notch accommodation, luxury boutiques, and fine dining. July and August are the busiest times, so plan accordingly!

Mykonos, Greece – April-June and September-October.
Top hotel: Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites, found on Ornos Beach.

A picturesque scene of whitewashed buildings, surrounded by green, and offset by gleaming, azure waters. After a day filled soaking up the warmth in your alluring, new monokini, get ready for the nightlife that this resort island is famed worldwide for. It becomes party central once the sun goes down, ladies. Mykonos has some of the most intense, after-dark lifestyle you’re likely to experience. This is a place that knows how to have fun, and draw others into it.

Capri, Italy – April-May and September-October.
Top hotel: J.K. Place Capri, set directly into the cliffs in the center of it all and steps from the shore.

This island getaway, an easy day-trip from Naples by ferry, provides numerous high-end hotels, villas for rent, quaint bed-and-breakfast establishments, and access to perhaps the bluest waters and most jaw-droppingly gorgeous coastlines on Earth. There’s a reason so many celebrities frequent it for some R&R. Wrap yourself in one of our vintage swimsuits before indulging in the simple pleasures of the Amfali Coast. The summer months can be especially steamy, so you may want to avoid that level of heat…unless that’s your sort of thing. 😉

Ibiza, Spain – May-October.
Top hotel: Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza, Curio by Hilton in the middle of the island’s oldest and most prestigious shopping and dining area.

The daytime is full of white sands, crystiline blue waters, and plenty of activity. Watersports from parasailing, to kayaking, to snorkeling are available everywhere, from dawn until the normally striking sunsets over the Mediterranean…when the day really begins. This is another location that offers a truly wild nightlife. Evening brings a tide of dance music to the beaches, coming from some of the hottest clubs in the world. (We love this place so much, we named a one-piece swimsuit after it!)

Hebrides, Scotland – Late April-June.
Top hotel: Tir nan Og Bed & Breakfast, a 5-star establishment overlooking the sea and mere miles from the secluded, breathtaking Berneray West Beach.

An unlikely twist, but definitely something to consider if you’re feeling like you’ve seen and done everything there is to do in luxury swimsuits. There aren’t too many places where you can sunbathe on an ocean shore with mountains rising behind you, or go scuba diving in the morning and hiking after lunch. This archipelago off the western coast of the mainland, the Inner and Outer Hebrides, lets people hop between islands easily, with accommodation readily available at each stop. The fact that it never becomes truly dark in June also means the enjoyment can last as long as you want it to. An unexpected and unforgettable destination.

While trying to stay warm this winter, Cherina invites you to peruse our line of quality swimwear and consider where your next adventure will take you. We hope you’ll choose to bring along one of our luxurious designs, inspiring women everywhere to look and be beautiful.

Do you have a favorite spot on our little blue gem of a world? Share below, and let everyone know where best-kept secrets lie…