Our Commitment to Sustainability

Cherina Beachwear™ – Our Commitment to Sustainability

As more of the world begins to latch on to the idea of #sustainability, Cherina Beachwear is proud to be an active contributor to the most valuable resource we have: our planet. Beginning with the finest Italian fabrics, made of long-lasting materials through an eco-friendly production process, and ending with the design and appeal of our luxury swimsuits, we strive to offer women luxury swimwear they can fall in love with while simultaneously securing and preserving the world around us.

The concept of Slow Fashion is steadily gaining more and more attention as people everywhere recognize the benefits of buying for longevity.  The resources offered up by our planet are not infinite, and we need to do what we can to ensure we preserve it and provide for the future. Even chic bikinis can help achieve our goal of building and sustaining a brighter, happier tomorrow. Quality beachwear, designed to remain stylish and beautiful for years to come, forms the foundation of everything we do.  After all, creating bathing suits, bikini tops, and bikini bottoms to last not only saves on resources, but means you have the comfort of knowing you’ve invested in swimwear whose attractiveness won’t easily fade.  It is with the same pride and confidence that Cherina wants to instill in women everywhere that we strive to make the world that little bit nicer to live in, much in line with the vision of the Arab Spring and, especially, Dubai. Swimsuits that offer a refined elegance. Quality you can feel.

Our fabric, 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, is an extremely durable, colorful, and environmentally friendly material. Created by the finest Italian fabrics the fibers are a result of a chemical-physical process that utilizes renewable electricity, water recycling, an innovative heat recovery system to exploit thermal energy, emissions 10 times lower than limits set by the law, and a recovery process that preserves 99% of the resources used. This results in a high-grade, synthetic yarn formed from materials that would otherwise have been discarded, contributing to the global problem of excessive waste. Instead, we produce fabric with strength, durability, and a lustrous sheen that’s simply to die for. The final product is 100% recyclable, guaranteeing a minimal carbon imprint on the atmosphere forever more. You know that you’re buying luxury swimsuits that better the world even as they’re being made.

Cherina Beachwear™ designs offer both a glamorous appeal and a timeless allure.  Whether you’re looking for a bikini to soak up the sun, a one-piece to enjoy the touch of the waves, or just want to wrap yourself in style while strolling along the shore, you’ll do so in a fashion that will last as long as the material itself. Quality swimsuits that will remain gorgeous for as long as the sun and the sand.

Put on your own Cherina.  See and feel the quality for yourself.  Peruse our beachwear online shop and explore the variety of luxurious designs that await you.  Know that you’re buying into beautiful fashion, a beautiful future, and a more beautiful world.

Tell us what you think!  Are you someone who supports Slow Fashion?  Is there more that we can do to ensure a greener, healthier, more sustainable tomorrow?  Share your thoughts below, and let’s strive to look and be beautiful!